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Welcome to Performance Recruit

Performance Recruit was borne from the lack of careful and considered recruitment services for businesses to find the next addition to their team. When working with our business clients or individual customers, we tailor our services to meet the specific and individual needs of every one of our customers. Be it in the recruitment drive we provide to our businesses or in the career coaching to job seeking individuals, we partner with you to intimately understand your needs and provide a service to meet the desired outcomes.


We care. We take a considered and measured approach, focusing on what is best for the client. We ask the right questions of the client to clearly identify what it is they are looking for in a successful candidate. Performance Recruit do not shy away from, and take pride in, the fact that we undertake a rigorous and exhaustive screening and recruitment process to meet the desired outcome – we will not recommend someone for your business that we wouldn’t have in our own.


We aren’t an agency. We don’t have a database of stockpiled resumes that are forwarded on without consideration or care for what is the right fit for the client. You will not be charged a placement fee or a percentage of the candidate’s salary as our payment.


You can rely on us to act with integrity and have your business’ best interests at heart – not ours.

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